About Marketing Sumo

digital marketing team meetingWe’re a boutique digital marketing agency that serves small to medium sized businesses who can benefit from internet marketing. Marketing Sumo offers web development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, creative design and a diverse menu of digital marketing services.

Our primary focus as a digital marketing agency is MEASURABLE MARKETING. That means we want you to be able to see if your marketing is working or not through transparent metrics.

Our team is made up of talented strategists, designers, programmers, copywriters and automation wizards who all possess the shared belief in taking your business to the next level.

We believe heavily in customer lifecycle marketing. That means we look at your entire business model – from the very beginning where traffic is being generated – all the way to post-buyer behavior and we suggest specific tools and strategies that can plug up any leaky holes in your business model so you generate more traffic, capture more leads, convert more sales and transform regular customers into brand advocates.

If you need a boutique digital marketing agency that speaks the language of small business, you should hire us.

A Need for Integrated Digital Marketing

When we first opened shop, we mainly focused on one-off projects like website design and print marketing. Afterall, that’s what our clients were asking for.

But then we realized what our clients really wanted were more leads and more sales, not just marketing tools. They were really coming to us for our expert knowledge on digital marketing.

We then shifted our focus and committment towards measurable marketing with the goal of increasing their business leads and sales.

Today, we run a full-service digital marketing agency that takes on a holistic approach to marketing. We look at a busniess and its marketing practices as an integrated system of systems and we strengthen the areas that need improvement with the goal of increasing their revenue.


Marketing Sumo CEO and digital marketing consultantTristan is the Founder and CEO of Marketing Sumo. He’s been in the digital marketing field for over 15 years, starting off as a direct response copywriter and moving up into leadership roles later on in his career.

A big proponent of ‘measurable marketing,’ Tristan created Marketing Sumo as a way to deliver the leveraging power of the web to small and medium sized businesses. He’s passionate about helping small businesses succeed and he loves seeing how better digital marketing impacts the lives of the business owner, their employees, their families and ultimately their community.

Outside of work, Tristan is quite the opposite person. He’s a fan of nature-tech & an outdoorsman, living in the rural mountains of Southern California. He enjoys spending his free time out where wi-fi and 4G can’t reach him. He also advises non-profit organizations on how to market more effectively using digital marketing. He also mentors young entrepreneurs on how to turn their big dreams into a reality.

Can We Help You Double Your Revenue?

Our mission is to leverage the power of the web to drive growth for small businesses. We want you to be our next success story….Are you ready?

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