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Core values help define who we are and they help guide us each and every day we come to work. Core values not only determines who we bring and keep on our team – it also sets the criteria for our clients as well. At Marketing Sumo, we practice 9 core values that fuels the amazing results we’re able to provide our clients

1) We Believe In Our Family and Their Dreams

Success in any endeavor would not be possible without the dreams that fuel them. But it takes more than dreams alone – it takes the dreamers out there who finally put their foot down and make the conscious decision to pursue those dreams. We support our clients who dream big and take that first step to come to Marketing Sumo to help make those dreams a reality. We also support the dreams of our employees and partners who help get them there.

2) We Practice Open Communication

The only way to understand what other people are thinking is to paint clear vivid images using high-quality communication. Whether that’s internally or externally, we strive to openly communicate our ideas and feelings so there’s no room for misinterpretation.

3) We Value & Appreciate Each Other

We believe that everyone we deal with brings with them something unique and special to the conversation. While we might not always agree with everything; we can agree that mutual respect is  important. As a company we practice respect for everyone we come in contact with. We also demand mutual respect from our vendors, partners and clients that we deal with.

4) We Love Integrity

Integrity means we do what we say we’ll do. It means that our actions are congruent with our words. It means we stick to our values and our principles and we don’t sell out, even if that means turning away business. It means we do the right thing.

5) We Like to Keep Things Simple

Especially when it comes to technology, there’s a tendency to over complicate things. We like things simple — as in ‘straight line’ simple and it often makes for best, most reliable outcome. This is philosophy is reflected in our strategies, our tactics, our software and our culture.

6) We Innovate Constantly

The digital marketing arena means we have to stay at the cutting edge of new technology. What was new today becomes old tomorrow. We work with trends and ignore fads. We stay one step ahead of everyone else to give our clients the competitive edge.

7) We Adapt and Overcome Challenges

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ challenges will happen, but a matter of ‘when.’ When a challenge arises, we adapt to the situation and come up with creative solutions to overcome it.

8) We Love Measurable Results

Goals matter to us and we know you can’t hit a goal unless you’re measuring your success along the way. For this reason, we’re obsessive about measuring the results we’re getting for our clients and for ourselves.

9) We Celebrate Success

Sure our work is demanding and we expect the best out of everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun doing it. After all, life is a celebration not meant to be cooped up at a desk 5 days a week, right? We trust our people will get the job done right and on time and in return we give them the freedom to spend their day however they want. If that means spending the morning taking the kids to school; totally fine with us. If that means scooting out in the afternoon to go catch a movie; no problem. Happy people produce better work than unhappy people….yeah, that whole simple thing.

Do our Core Values Resonate with You?

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