Website Speed Optimization Service

Fast Website Speed = Better Search Rankings

If you have a code-heavy website that does a lot of eye-catching tricks, but loads REALLY slow, then you might be hurting your search results.

At Marketing Sumo, we believe that code-heavy sites can still load fast. Optimizing graphics, caching, content delivery networks and minifying code are how we get your website to load faster.

Why Does Website Speed Matter?

website speedGoogle (and Yahoo & Bing) make money by having lots of loyal users of their search engine and they do their best to keep their users happy by providing the most relevant search results possible. Slow, clunky, 90’s-ish websites that take forever to load make their users UNHAPPY. Therefore, Google views it as a dis-service to its users to dish up slow websites in its search results and penalizes those sites because of it.

As a result, Google announced that they were factoring website speed as one of many determining points in the page rank of a search result.

But a lot of self-made and professionally designed websites, especially pre-2014 websites, did not really care about site speed when they were initially designed. Coding might have been sloppy and huge images files may have been used. Ask yourself if your website developer took your website load speed as a factor when designing your site.

If your site loads too slow, then you’ve got a problem!

Optimize Your Website’s Speed

optimize your websites speedYour website’s speed matters. Google has publicly stated so.

If your website takes too long to load, it can hurt your search engine optimization efforts and bump you off the top search result pages.

So how do you make your website faster?

….Through our Website Speed Optimization. In technical terms we cache your browser content, we minify your CSS and Java Script files and we use content delivery networks to improve the loading speed of your website.

Marketing Sumo understands the problem of slow website speeds. We have helped many clients improve their overall SEO by optimizing their website speed and performance.

We use the state-of-the-art tools, talent and resources to clock your website speed and improve its performance.

Your investment in your website is like buying a high-performance vehicle. Our Website Speed Optimization is like fine tuning the engine of your performance vehicle so you can get as much out of it as possible.

Website Speed Optimization Services

  • Image compression, resizing and reformatting
  • Multi-browser speed testing (Chrome, Firefix, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer)
  • Content delivery network integration (CDN)
  • Hosting analysis and recommendations
  • Minifying CSS & Java Script files
  • Hosting fail-over solutions
  • Parallel video downloads

Ready to Optimize Your Website Speed & Performance?

Then schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our digital marketing experts today. We’ll take a look under the ‘hood’ of your website and let you know if there are any speed issues with your site and what to do about them.

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