Social Media Management

Let us Handle Your Social Media Management so you can Focus on your Business.

Social media can be a very powerful tool for generating leads and attracting potential clients in the modern digital world.

By developing a way to connect with your consumer base through social media, you can boost your traffic which can result in improved search engine rankings, better sales lead generation and more e-commerce business overall.

For reasons why to consider enhancing your business’ social media presence, look no further than these industry statistics:

  • 80% of people in Canada and the USA are active on social media on a daily basis
  • More than one billion people are active on Facebook
  • 46% of online users are counting on social media before making purchase decisions (Source: Neilsen)
  • 52% of small business owners have found their customers on Facebook in 2013, according to Social Media Today
  • 645 million people look at local business pages on Facebook per week

The 4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Management Isn’t Bringing You The Results You Want…

You Have No Clue Where To Start.

You may fully understand the power of social media marketing, but you don’t know how to get started in enhancing your presence on the varying platforms. There are many that have different functions and uses that can be a bit confusing to maintain simultaneously. This can pose as a problem when deciding which one you want to invest most of your time and money on.

You Don’t Have The Time

You’re a busy person. Busy people don’t have the time to grow and maintain a healthy collection of social media profiles. An effective digital marketer/digital marketing team must spend full time hours to balance the collages of social media channels that they manage.

You’re Not A Social Media Expert

Digital marketing is simply not your field of expertise. And there’s no problem in that..

If you aren’t a licensed engineer, you probably won’t be building new houses any time soon. In this case, social media marketing can be viewed as the house for your business’ digital brand. This digital house of yours needs to be built correctly from the foundation up, just like any other house.

You Can’t Keep Up With All The Constant Changes

New social media platforms are constantly being introduced with a new format, new uses, and a new ways to share information. In addition, older social media platforms tend to update and add features to match the ever-evolving functions of social media use. This can be pretty rough to keep up with. Without a detailed map, one can easily get lost in the social media landscape.

You’re Great at Managing your Business. We’re Great at Managing Social Media.

social media management services

Let the experts at Marketing Sumo handle your social media management.

As a business owner, your time is worth a lot of money because managing your business is the one thing only you can do. So why spend your valuable time trying to manage all of your social media accounts when you can have Marketing Sumo manage it for you?

This is how you can leverage your time and grow your business.

Trust the experts at Marketing Sumo to manage your social media! It’s what we’re great at doing, so you can be great running your business.

We can Set Up your Social Platforms

At Marketing Sumo we can help you build a solid social media presence, starting with the basics. We’ll assist you in selecting the best platforms that are properly suited for your target audience. We’ll also work with you to create brand-aligned social pages that your consumers are sure to love.

We can Manage Your Social Platforms for you

We are the experts when it comes to managing collections of social media accounts. Our team works to generate leads, increase webpage traffic, build core consumer groups, and institute sales through our highly-engaging consistent content.

Here’s how we build your social presence:

  • Creation of engaging social media content.
  • Responsive interactions with customers via social networks; addressing inquiries and questions.
  • Social media tie-ins to your campaign funnels and events.

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