Website Design

You Need a Responsive, Lead Capturing Website

Pretty branded sites are a thing of the past.

It’s no longer good enough just to have a website because your competitors have one.

Today’s websites need to be finely tuned lead capturing platforms designed to build your database. Think of your website as your central hub of all your online marketing efforts.

Now more than ever the web is moving away from desktops and moving into backpacks and pockets with so many connected mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, then you’re running behind your competitors who have it.

Your Website Should be Simple yet Powerful

Imagine if you went to your local grocery store and all the products were mixed together. A simple 20 minute shopping trip would take you hours!

Yet when it comes to web design, that’s exactly what we see from poorly designed websites….broken links, uncatagorized content, oddly placed graphics. You would never think of having your retail store so disorganized, right?

So why are there so many poorly constructed websites?

It’s because small business owners often outsource their web design to the local high schooler or someone they know in their network who dabbles in web design. The problem with that is they’re left with a site that has poor usability and doesn’t help their business.

Our philosophy for website development is simple and clean is better, but it needs to be a platform for attracting traffic and capturing leads.

Our Website Development Process

Information Gathering – We want to know everything about your business before we start on your design. We want to know your industry, who your customers/clients are and who your competitors are. Based on this information we’ll suggest designs and features that will work best with your audience to promote your brand and capture more leads.

Design & Development – We’ll tailor your website to match your brand and your audience. We’ll always include you in the loop in every step of the development process.

Content – An beautifully designed, but empty website doesn’t do you any good. Excellent content is what is going to drive your site traffic. We’ll work with you and your budget to get your site content filled out so we can go live.

Tracking & Analytics¬†– We’ll install tracking and analytics into your site so your valuable visitor data can be monitored. Having tracking on your site allows you to know what your visitors are interested in on your site.

Let's Build You an Awesome Lead Generating Website

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